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Smart Planet Technologies has won the 2017 Green Arrow Award
from the California Product Stewardship Council

Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering company with innovative environmental composite materials for the packaging industry.


Our composite materials have been designed to provide environmental alternatives to the rigid, flexible, liner, label and corrugated box board industries. Ideal for hot/cold cups, folding cartons, food trays, liner papers, labels, corrugated box boards and more, EarthCoating uses up to 60% less plastic than traditional plastic coatings and is engineered to be repulped through existing paper recycling equipment.



Smart Planet Technologies has won the 2017 Green Arrow Award from the California Product Stewardship Council

Smart Planet Technologies (SPT) has won the 2017 Green Arrow Award from the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) in recognition of EarthCoating technology which may be used to create paperboard barrier packaging materials that are valuable to the recycling industry.
By using EarthCoating as an alternative to traditional plastic coatings, disposable paper products such as paper cups, food trays, folding cartons and others may be produced using 51% less plastic coating and are engineered to be easily repulped using traditional paper recycling equipment if and when collected.

SPT was presented the Green Arrow Award on August 22, 2017 by Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director of the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) in partnership with the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) at the CRRA’s 41st Annual Conference and Tradeshow event in San Diego, CA.

Following the event, a press briefing was conducted at the Allan Company material recovery facility (MRF) in Santa Ana, CA where Heidi Sanborn re-presented the Green Arrow Award.
In addition, SPT was presented with a recognition certificate by the City of Huntington Beach in support of the RMDZ program. Additional presenters included Adam Holt, VP of Allan Company and Jeff Malin from the Governors Office of Business & Economic Development.

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Did you know that traditional paper cups are NOT recyclable?

Every year, over 50 billion paper cups in the U.S. are diverted to landfills because the interior plastic coating makes them very difficult to recycle.

However, the reCUP(TM), uses EarthCoating(R), and is the first commercially available paper cup that’s made from materials engineered to be easily recycled through existing paper recycling equipment.

The first step to getting paper cups recycled is to make paper cups that are worth recycling.

Although traditional paper cups are not currently being recycled, we’re looking to change that by having reCUPs made from materials that are valuable to the recycling industry.

If the paper cup industry switches to the reCUP*, not only will we remove millions of pounds of plastic per year from the manufacture of paper cups but we will be well on our way to optimizing paper cup materials and creating the much needed financial incentive for the recycling industry to start collecting and recycling paper cups, globally.

* The reCUP is engineered to be recycled if empty, but may not be collected for recycling in your area. Please check with your local community and work with us to get all communities to collect and recycle the reCUP.


An overview of the Repulpability and Recyclability of paperboards with EarthCoating¬ģ

The graphic to the right illustrates the process of paper recycling. A major part of the process includes extracting and cleaning fibers from non-paper contaminants that can found in the recycled paper stream. Unlike traditional plastic coatings, EarthCoating is engineered for efficient processing in recycling systems. EarthCoating is designed to fracture into small, dense particles in the pulping process, thereby avoiding the challenges found with plastic coatings.

We’ve recently added additional content to our repulpability report and will continue to update our data as new information becomes available.

To download our repulpability report, click the Read More link below and complete the entry form under the summary overview for access.


As seen in the April 2017 Coffee Talk Magazine article, “Know Your Materials”

Some coatings used to make paper-based foodservice packaging grease-resistant carry known health risks.

Here’s a way to eliminate those – and keep the packaging a recyclable material that’s affordable.

Introducing EarthWrap(TM), a food service barrier liner that’s recyclable, waterproof and grease-proof.