Simply Cups to recover and recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ breakthrough paper coffee cup

Simply Cups, the UK’s ONLY workable cup recycling scheme, has entered into a relationship with Smart Planet Technologies (SPT) to recover and recycle the ground-breaking ‘reCUP’ hot beverage paper cup that can be recycled at traditional paper mills.

Designed in California, USA, the reCUP looks and performs exactly the same as those cups currently in use at UK coffee outlets. The big advantage, however, is that the inside coating is blended with minerals, so its plastic content is reduced by up to 50%, and means that the cup is engineered to be compatible with the existing recycling equipment used at UK paper mills. This, for the first time, will provide consumers, businesses and the hospitality industry with a cup that can be more widely recycled, and is expected to be sold, at a cost comparable with traditional paper cups, through 4 Aces in the UK. 4 Aces is also a founding member of the Simply Cups scheme.

“The first step in resolving the lack of paper cup recycling is to give the recycling industry a paper cup worth recycling”, says Will Lorenzi, President of Smart Planet Technologies. “Once the coating is no longer an obstacle to recycling, a paper cup becomes a valuable material to recycle”.

“We have substantiated that our cup material can be processed through standard paper mill recycling infrastructure and our relationship with Simply Cups will provide assurance to businesses and consumers that the reCUP will meet its ‘recyclable’ commitment”, added Will.

Commenting on the relationship, Peter Goodwin, co-founder of Simply Cups, said;

“SPT has rightly recognised that, for its products to be recycled, they first need to be collected separately at source and then forwarded to a paper reprocessing plant. As the only organisation in the UK operating this service, Simply Cups was the obvious choice ”.

Now, when the reCUP is sold in the UK, membership to Simply Cups scheme will also provide a dedicated collection service for the cup – either by bag or by bale – which will then be routed to paper mills that have approved the product for acceptance under the same criteria, and value, as other paper products.

“We have been looking for the most efficient way to resolve the problem of recycling paper cups and a new cup that can be processed through existing recycling equipment is a major step in the right direction,” says Chris Penn, managing director of 4 Aces.

“We are committed to greater sustainability in disposable packaging and so we’re enormously excited to be integral in the roll out of the game-changing reCUP in the UK”, commented Chris.

Notes to Editors:

About Simply Cups
Simply Cups, a partnership between Closed Loop Environmental Solutions and Simply Waste Solutions, is the UK’s only workable paper cup recovery and recycling service.

Launched in August 2014, the service now provides paper cup manufacturers, organisations operating in the supply chain as well as beverage and hospitality outlets, with a cost-efficient collection and recycling service that will reduce their operating costs and improve their environmental credentials.

Founding members of the scheme include Costa Coffee, Bunzl Catering Services, BaxterStorey, ISS Facility Services, Huhtamaki, Benders Paper Cups, 4Aces, Dart Products Europe and Maxabel International

4Aces to trial the reCUP, a new paper cup designed to be recycled

PopureCUPlar packaging specialist, 4 Aces, a member of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), will partner with Smart Planet Technologies to trial its reCUP, a paper cup designed to be recycled, for use in the UK market to address the issues with the recycling of paper cups.


Smart Planet Technologies of Newport Beach California has created the reCUP, a new type of paper cup, engineered for recycling and commercially available today in the US.  The paper cup looks the same and works the same, but the coating is blended with minerals to reduce the plastic content by 40% and to make the cup compatible with standard recycling equipment.  These cups then become a valuable material to collect and the recycling industry can go about the processes to recover them and recycle them profitably for use in recycled paperboard packaging.


“We have been looking for the most efficient way to resolve the problem of recycling paper cups and a new cup that can be processed through existing recycling equipment is a big first step in the right direction,” says Chris Penn, managing director of 4 Aces.  “4 Aces is committed to greater sustainability in disposable packaging and we’re excited to see if we have found the missing piece when it comes to getting paper cups recycled effectively.”


“The first step in solving the paper cup recycling problem is to give the recycling industry a paper cup worth recycling”, says Will Lorenzi, President of Smart Planet Technologies.  “We have been impressed by the commitment and effort by 4 Aces to lead on this issue on behalf of the industry and for the UK.”


Paper cups are a convenient, environmental packaging solution for coffee however the cups have a plastic liner coating on the interior to protect the paper from the liquid in the cup.  The plastic liner coating is incompatible with paper recycling systems, so paper cups are generally sorted for landfill.  It is estimated that more than 2.5 billion coffee cups are disposed of in the UK every year.


4 Aces was a participant in the release of the Paper Cup Manifesto, a statement of commitment by industry leaders to address the issue of recycling of paper cups, as highlighted on Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s War on Waste documentary, broadcast by the BBC.


For further information on 4 Aces and its products, visit the company’s website at or call 01992 535774.


 Press enquiries, please contact: Liz Taylor
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Notes to editors

4 Aces supplies a full range of plastic and paper cups, food packaging and water cooler products to a mix of customers in the vending, HoReCa and water cooler markets. Best prices and a tailored service are responsible for the company’s constantly expanding customer base and 35 per cent year on year growth. Having retained core staff, customers and suppliers since the business launched,  4 Aces prides itself on its ability to build relationships as well as the breadth of choice and the quality of the products that it offers.



Hansol Paper and Smart Planet announce commercial introduction of high-barrier-performance folding carton packaging with optimal recyclability label for fabric softener sheets

Seventh-Generation-Dryer-Sheet-Box-ImageSEOUL, Korea and Newport Beach, CA — ­­December 21, 2016 — Hansol Paper and Smart Planet Technologies announce commercial introduction of high-barrier-performance folding carton packaging for fabric softener sheets with Seventh Generation that qualifies for the optimal recyclability label.


Traditionally, paperboard packaging containing foils, films, coatings, or laminates for barrier fall into various recyclability categories, depending upon potential contamination to the paper recycling process from these barrier treatments.  Hansol Paper’s Hi-Q Eco(B) paperboard is comprised of 100% recycled fiber with Smart Planet Technologies’ EarthCoating® interior barrier coating.  EarthCoating provides the required barrier properties, yet contains less plastic than traditional low-density polyethylene coatings, and is engineered to be compatible with the paper recycling process.  Hi-Q Eco(B) is repulpable and recyclable, and qualifies folding carton packaging for fabric softener sheets for the optimal “Widely Recycled” label from How2Recycle.


Seventh Generation has successfully transitioned its packaging for fabric softener sheets to Hansol Hi-Q Eco(B).  The change in packaging materials for Seventh Generation has enabled upgrading this package to the coveted “Widely Recycled” label within the How2Recycle program.  The improvement in packaging is reflective of Seventh Generation’s mission to inspire a more conscious and sustainable world by being an authentic force for positive change.  The new package labeling will be found on store shelves in Q1 2017.


Wal-Mart best practice guidelines encourage the use of the How2Recycle label to help customers recycle.  As stated in the guidelines, when brand owners label packaging with the How2Recycle label, they demonstrate to Wal-Mart and consumers a commitment to sustainability.


For press inquiries, contact:


Todd Gasparik
Smart Planet Technologies

Kéan Coffee to support the reCUP, a new paper coffee cup, engineered for recyclability

Coffeehouse leader in sustainability to address the paper cup recycling issue for Orange County, and as a model for the coffeehouse trade globally

Kéan Coffee
Costa Mesa, California – November 4, 2016 –In December of 2005, Martin and Karen Varese Diedrich opened the doors of Kéan Coffee in Newport Beach, California – a state-of-the-art, cutting edge coffeehouse that would bring back the community gathering place feeling, coffee connoisseurship, and cultural atmosphere of their early Diedrich coffeehouses, as well as embrace a values ideal that businesses should model community and global responsibility and awareness, both environmental and social.


In 2007, Martin Diedrich received the Zero Hero Award for his outstanding commitment to “Zero In On Zero Waste” from the Earth Resource Foundation. In 2009, Kéan Coffee was named by the OC Metro as one of Orange County’s “Green 15″ for its dedication to operating Kéan Coffee with a focus on sustainability. Most recently, Kéan Coffee was presented with the Eco-Award for “Most Sustainable Restaurant / Retail” in 2014 from the Orange County Green Building Council.


And now in 2016, Kéan Coffee looks again to take a leadership position in sustainability, this time addressing the issue of the lack of paper cup recycling for the coffeehouse trade.  Kéan Coffee will be introducing a new paper cup that is engineered for recyclability, and participating in a closed-loop collection process to ensure its paper cups are getting recycled, thereby setting a new sustainability standard for coffeehouses globally.


Traditionally, paper cups are coated on the inside with polyethylene plastic to hold the liquid contents and form the cup.  However, the polyethylene coating makes the traditional paper cup material very difficult and expensive to recycle, and therefore, in the US, 15 billion paper coffee cups annually are typically sorted out and sent to landfills.


Smart Planet Technologies of Newport Beach has created the reCUP, a new type of paper cup that is engineered for recycling.  With a special coating that does not interfere in the recycling process, the cups become a valuable material to collect, and therefore profitable to recycle.  The reCUP will also be used on the Orange Coast College campus, collected and baled by the Orange Coast College Recycling Center in Costa Mesa, CA, with the bales then sold profitably as premium paper grade materials to a recycled paper mill.  This closed-loop process will demonstrate the economic model to recycle paper cups profitably, while reducing the amount of waste sent to a landfill, with the revenues used to fund a scholarship at Orange Coast College.


“At Kéan Coffee, we believe that businesses large and small, bear a responsibility to support issues and model practices that promote greater well-being for the local community and the global community,” said Martin Diedrich, Founder of Kéan Coffee.  “We are thrilled to introduce an innovation in paper cups that provides the recycling industry with a better cup to recycle.”


“With Martin’s support, a major step has been taken in improving the recycling rates of paper cups globally” said Todd Gasparik, Director of Marketing at Smart Planet Technologies.  “As a leader in the coffeehouse trade, Martin Diedrich and Kéan Coffee can encourage the transition to a recyclable paper cup by other coffeehouses, increase the participation in the paper cup recycling program, and ultimately provide the model for paper cups to be recycled globally”.


About Kéan Coffee’s Community Values
Beyond providing the finest coffeehouse experience, a mission of Kéan Coffee is to make a difference, be an example, and help to create greater social, environmental and global awareness. We offer our coffeehouses as community gathering places for social connections, discussions, and initiating positive change.


About Smart Planet Technologies Inc.
Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering company providing advancements in packaging technology such as reCUP™ and EarthCoating®, to address sustainability goals for the packaging industry.  Our solutions are focused on conserving precious natural resources while providing high quality, environmental packaging solutions across a wide variety of applications.

Matthew Vella joins Smart Planet Technologies’ Board of Advisors

Addition of accomplished Board level executive further enhances intellectual property position in sustainable packaging solutions

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA – October 3, 2016    Smart Planet Technologies Inc., an engineering and intellectual property company with breakthrough innovations in sustainable packaging, is pleased to announce that Matthew Vella has joined its Board of Advisors.

Will Lorenzi, President of Smart Planet Technologies says, “We are thrilled with the addition of Matt to our Board of Advisors.  Matt is a highly regarded Board level executive and former CEO with a proven track record in the field of intellectual property.”

“As recognized during his tenure as CEO of Acacia Research, Matt brings tremendous experience in intellectual property rights licensing and litigation.  Matt’s knowledge and experience will be valuable contributions as we grow the commercialization of applications based upon our intellectual property assets.”

About Matthew Vella
Matthew Vella has held a number of leadership positions with Acacia Research, the latest being the office of Chief Executive from August 2013 through December 2015.  Previously, Matt held the positions of Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Vice President of Licensing since 2006.

Earlier, Matt was a Senior Intellectual Property Counsel for ATI, and Lead Patent License Counsel for Nortel Networks.  Matt has a degree in Intellectual Property Law from Toronto Law School.

About Smart Planet Technologies
Smart Planet Technologies is a packaging technology company with intellectual property focused on advancements in sustainability for the packaging industry.  Its innovative technologies are engineered to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives across a wide variety of packaging applications.  EarthCoating is a registered trademark of Smart Planet Technologies. For more information, please visit the website at

Todd Gasparik, Director of Marketing

OCC Adds Recyclable Paper Cups in Fall 2016

Cups Will Reduce Waste, Create Revenue at Costa Mesa Campus
Students arriving at Orange Coast College on the first day of the Fall 2016 semester might notice something a little different about their morning brew.

OCC-reCUPThe College is introducing a new type of paper cup that can be efficiently and profitably recycled in an effort to reduce waste on campus. Traditionally, paper cups in the United States are coated on the inside with polyethylene coating, making them very difficult and expensive to recycle. In the U.S. alone, 58 billion paper coffee cups are destined for the landfill annually.


OCC’s new reCups, invented by Smart Planet Technologies of Newport Beach, have a special inside coating that will not only make them easier to recycle, but also will make them profitable to recycle. “This is a great closed-loop system,” says Coast Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Mike Carey. “Now that cups can be made for recycling, there is a market to sell the paper cups we collect.”


The reCUPs used by OCC’s food services and catering programs will be collected and baled at the College’s Recycling Center, which remains open while a new center is being built nearby. The revenue generated from selling the cups to a recyclable paper mill will fund a student scholarship.


“We’re taking a cost center and generating revenue that we will donate to students,” says Carey.


OCC is no stranger to sustainability, and has taken several steps to reduce waste and conserve energy on its 164-acre campus, including installing water bottle filling stations, solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and drought tolerant landscaping. With this new recyclable cup program, the College hopes to serve as an example to other schools.

“We believe our efforts within our College and Recycling Center will provide a blueprint for recycling cups globally,” says Carey.


Orange Coast College, founded in 1947, is one of the nation’s top transfer schools. With a student population of 25,000, OCC provides exemplary programs leading to Associate degrees and 130 career programs. The college’s 164-acre campus is located in the heart of Costa Mesa.



Juan Gutierrez, Director, Marketing and Public Relations (714) 432-5725

Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Administrative Services (714) 432-5128