July 14, 2017

Smart Planet releases EU specification for reCUP recyclable paper cup

Smart Planet Technologies, the developer of the reCUP recyclable paper cup, has released the reCUP European Union (EU) specification. Therefore, sales and production can begin throughout the EU area providing the marketplace with a paper cup engineered for recyclability in the general recycling stream using existing recycling infrastructure.
A study in 2016 estimated that only 1 in 400 cups were recycled out of the 2.5 billion used annually in the UK. The paper cups were rarely being recycled due to the difficulty for paper recyclers in processing the interior polyethylene liner. The reCUP has an interior coating engineered to be fully processable in traditional paper recycling systems, making paper cups a valuable material to collect and recycle.
The reCUP is commercially-available in the US, however, additional migration compliance standards are required in the EU. The UK cup specification has two approaches to resolve the issue:
• The first approach is a co-extrusion of a combined layer with the surface on the inside of the cup to have minimal calcium carbonate, at a level acceptable for the migration test, while having sufficient calcium carbonate within the rest of the coating to maintain recyclability.
• The second approach uses an outer surface coating provided by Henkel Corporation. Henkel’s coating reduces the surface exposure of calcium carbonate, to an acceptable level, while also maintaining cup recyclability.
The reCUP will be used in the UK marketplace in an upcoming pilot with collection scheme organized by Simply Cups and recycled paper mill Lenzing Papier. The cups will be collected and recycled into new paper properly completing the entire cycle.
Shortly thereafter, the reCUP will be commercially available in the UK, manufactured by CupPrint at www.cupprint.ie
For inquiries in the use of paperboards with EarthCoating, please contact Smart Planet through www.SmartPlanetTech.com or www.recup.earth
About Smart Planet Technologies, Inc.
Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering company focused on advancements in sustainability for the packaging industry. Through innovation, our technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives to a wide variety of rigid, flexible, barrier liners, and other packaging applications.

Detpak announces license agreement with Smart Planet Technologies to offer recyclable paper cup


New paper cup technology will provide Australian and New Zealand markets with paper cup engineered to be recyclable in standard paper recycling systems

Brompton, SA, Australia – June 23, 2017 – Detpak, a brand and division of the Detmold Group, a leading manufacturer of paper cups, has licensed the EarthCoating paper cup coating technology, and will introduce cups under the “RecycleMe” brand in the Australian and New Zealand markets to further address the issue of the lack of paper cup recycling.
Detpak plans to announce a General Availability date of the RecycleMe paper cup shortly. The RecycleMe cup will be available for order at http://www.detpak.com
Traditionally, paper cups are coated with polyethylene and other polymers to seal the cup and hold the liquid contents. However, these plastic coatings are incompatible with traditional paper recycling systems, and therefore recyclers typically sort paper cups from waste and recycling collection, and divert the cups to landfill. As reported on the ABC Television’s War on Waste show, over one billion cups are diverted to landfill in Australia, annually.
The RecycleMe cup is engineered to be fully processable by standard recycling systems, allowing for the paper materials to be recovered efficiently and economically to be reused in premium recycled paper packaging. Therefore, the RecycleMe cup provides a technology with the potential to address the recycling of all paper cups into new recycled paperboards, which can be considered the optimal solution.
About Detpak
Detpak, a division of the Detmold Group, is a leading packaging manufacturer in Australasia and globally as we offer an extensive range of paper and board packaging solutions including cups, lids, cartons, bags, napkins, trays and clams. Our world class design and printing services have earned us a reputation as a provider of high quality, custom printed packaging solutions. Detpak has brought many leading product innovations to the market, including Ripple-Wrap™, the insulated hot cup which continues to set the benchmark within the coffee-to-go market, food pails with wire handles, and cartons and bags with windows designed to optimise the presentation of food.
About Smart Planet Technologies
Smart Planet Technologies is a materials R&D company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry. Through innovation, our technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives to a wide variety of rigid, flexible and corrugated packaging applications.